Fish completion file generation for restic

The version of restic (0.12.0) that ships with my package manager (Pacman) does not have a generate --fish-completion option. It has bash and zsh support.

Can someone using the fish shell with restic link to their fish-completion file?

Just generated from latest master, here

Thank you.

I saved and sourced this file in fish, but restic still has no tab completion. I saved this as ~/.config/fish/completions/

Does it work for you?

Sadly I can’t help on it, since I am a zsh user.
There might be an activation gimmick. E.g. on zsh you need to “re-compile” the autocomplete stuff with compinit, maybe there is something similar on fish.

Thank you for your help. I’ll ask over on the issues page for fish.

@karthik Just in case you missed it: Release restic 0.12.1 · restic/restic · GitHub – that contains auto completion for fish.

@nicnab Thank you. I’m waiting for my distro repos to add 0.12.1.

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