Filter which exclude certain tag, host or path


Just a quick question. Do restic support filter which exclude tag/host/path from search?

For eg: I have 10 different set of tags, and I want to exclude only 2 tags from the result.


What command are you talking about?

For my use case, it would be on snapshots, stats and forget. I want to get all snapshots that don’t have a certain tag. Same goes to stats and forget.


The answer is no - restic does not support excluding tags, the options for tags in those commands are about including them.

However, you can probably run e.g. snapshots with the --json and then filter the JSON output using jq to get a list of snapshots which does not include one or two tags (assuming jq has a “not” operator, which is something I haven’t checked).

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Yeah, I figured jq would be a perfect alternative too, but that will apply to only snapshots. It can’t be applied to stats and forget.

But its okay. I’ll try to find another way.


Another ways might be using snapshots to get list of snapshots, filter them using jq and pass the filtered ids to stats or forget.