"Files from" flag wouldn't accept certain paths

Hello. I’m newcomer to restic and i’m really amazed how restic work. However, in my testing phase i ran into this error:

As you can see, i normally wanted to backup folders specified in “zlozky.txt” which contents i will show later. The path X:[Výlet] Tábor 2010 restic renamed to X:\[Výlet] Tábor 2010 . So it added one backslash and i don’t really understand why.

Here is the contents of that “zlozky.txt” file:

#Toto je škola
X:\[Výlet] Tábor 2010

# toto už nie

You can clearly see that the path isn’t the same restic shown as bad path. Do someone understand why this happened and / or how to fix this issue?

PS: Should i report this to restic’s github as issue?

As discussed on IRC --file-from-verbatim works or escaping the file names like this: ‘[abc]def’ should become ‘[[]abc]def’

Yep. That fixed the issue. Thank you for helping!