File level backup or Block level backup

In modern backup methodology there are two types of backup one is file level backup which is widely used and other is the Block level backup which is more efficient.

So, my question is which backup methodology Restic prefers. It is taking the backup in file level or block level.

If it uses block level backup then can you give us an example.


It does block-level backups per file, and deduplicates the blocks. I’m not sure what example you are thinking about - just run restic and you’ll have it done yourself :slight_smile:

So to clarify, it doesn’t just go through the entire disk block by block - it goes through the individual files at the filesystem level, but then chunks them up into parts that are then deduplicated. Actually, now that I think about it perhaps it shouldn’t be called block-level…

Restic actually does implement block-level backup, so you can call it that – but the block size is dynamic.