Feedback/Settings Discourse


since this is my first experience in hosting a Discourse instance I’m very interested in your feedback:

  • Is anything missing?
  • Is the software configured correctly, do you experience any hiccups or other strange behavior?

Please let us know, thanks!

Good idea linking the blog posts here. That way people don’t need to allow follow the mailing list or RSS feed to keep track of everything. One improvement would be to backdate all of those posts to the date the blog entry was originally posted. You can do that with the wrench icon to the upper right of the article.

Huh, nice idea, but still manual. I’ll have a look. Thanks!

In theory, you will only have to do this now. In the future, these post will be created at the same time as the blog posts.

Sure, I’ve corrected all time stamps.

I’m not sold on the subdomain used for the forum.

If we were to change the forum software at some point (and who know, it might happen), then having the subdomain be named what the software is now/then was is not great.

Also, using the more conventional “forum.” as subdomain is well established and easily understood and identified by everyone. Honestly I think there’s people who don’t even know what the word discourse means, and even less heard of this forum software before, and even less would think about this being a forum if they see a link named Discourse. And if we instead name the forum “forum” in text and links, then why on earth not use that as the subdomain as well?

Do we really want to stick with “discourse.” as the subdomain for the forum? Now’s the time to change that, if we want to.


As usual, @rawtaz has very clever observations, with which I usually agree. :slight_smile: is much better name, in my opinion, too. It’s really well established.

One day some amazing forum software written in Go will appear. It will not be called discourse. :wink:

You’re right! It’ll probably be named Gophorum or something like that :pray:

Hm, but “discourse” is also a fancy word for “discussion”, so it could as well stay.

That’s a very interesting view, thanks for sharing it! I’ve chosen the subdomain discourse. to communicate to people who care about such things that we’re not using an old-style “forum” (like phpbb), but something modern: Discourse.

Maybe that’s not so relevant (and typing the word discourse is indeed a bit awkward).

Not necessarily. I’ll find out what’s needed to use instead. We’ll see.

Aside from “forum.” another option could be “discussion.” or “discuss.” but they’re not very established.

I’m one of the people who didn’t know the word discourse before you pointed me to it :stuck_out_tongue:

I see your point about signaling new thinking, but at the same time I don’t think anyone would actually be turned off and not use the forum just because it’s named that. But that’s just my guess.

So, the move is complete. It’d be nice to confirm that the GitHub login is still working. Apart from that it went really smooth. The Discourse people even have step by step instructions for changing the domain name of an existing installation:

Github auth works for me, I created the account 10 minutes ago.