Feedback: First Experience With Restic Compression

Hi all,

No request for help, just some positive feedback:

As my backup disk ran out of space, I just convinced myself to upgrade from the restic version shipped with my distribution to the latest stable release.

I then enabled compression on the repository and recompressed all packs with maximum compression.

The backed up system is my main work machine, where I do lots of software development, have some databases stored, but also a bunch of less compressible office documents (already zipped internally) and media files.

These were the results:

==> restic_v1_size.txt <==
1,9T    restic/

==> restic_v2_size_1_after_conversion.txt <==
1,9T    restic/

==> restic_v2_size_2_with_compression.txt <==
971G    restic/

There was probably some unused data in the packs before the recompression, however at most 100G.

So repository compression is really a HUGE win for actual real world cases, not just for specifically tuned benchmark situations.

That’s really great, thanks a lot for the great feature and the continuous and consistent work on restic!


My backup size went from around 450 GB to 280 GB - and I even store more data in it now.
Simply amazing!


Thanks for sharing this. I wouldn’t have thought about this. I will want to consider using the compression parameter for my first big backup then! When you do a restore, does restic decompress automatically or do you have to mention another parameter that in the command?

It’s all automatic, there is no difference in using the repository when you have compression enabled.