Feature request: make `copy` resumeable

I use restic copy to copy snapshots from a repository on a local disk to a repository on cloud storage. The snapshot is maybe in great size for example containing 3000 packs. When 2000 of 3000 packs have been transferred, if the network is disconnected for some reason, I need to re-run the copy command. And the snapshot is copied from pack 0 again instead of pack 2001. It really takes a lot of time.

The copy command only copies blobs that don’t already exist in the target repository. That said, you might lose up to 10 minutes of progress as the repository index is only updated from time to time.

P.S.: For feature requests please use the Github issue tracker, we don’t keep track of them on the forum.

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And if you don’t want to lose 10 Minutes but only a bit of the work, you can run rebuild-index after your copy command did abort.

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