Fatal: unable to save snapshot: context canceled

Hi all, I am regularly (not always) seeing this error on one of my backup tasks when doing a backup to a remote repo:

Fatal: unable to save snapshot: context canceled

Just before that, there is another error:

Command error: error: read \\?\GLOBALROOT\Device\HarddiskVolumeShadowCopy9\Users\Test\Documents\Outlook\Outlook1.pst: Data error (cyclic redundancy check).

However, sometimes the backup succeeds even while observing this cyclic redundancy check error and then at other times I see the context canceled error and the backup fails.

The command I’m running is as follows:

restic backup C:\Users\Test\Documents\Outlook --use-fs-snapshot --no-cache

What does the context canceled error mean? What could be causing it?

I got a similar error on Rclone and local HDD, I just restarted the backup (seems to be running fine for now). Using Restic for the first time.

That error is reported by the operating system and indicates a problem with the file system / HDD (or maybe some broken Anti-Virus software???). Please run chkdsk to verify that your HDD is still in working state.

Yeah, it’s more the other error I would like to get more info on, this one:

Fatal: unable to save snapshot: context canceled

The cyclic redundancy check error does not always lead to a failed snapshot creation, but whenever I see the context canceled error, restic fails without creating a snapshot.

Which restic version are you using? Are there other errors in the log?

I am using
restic 0.12.1 compiled with go1.16.6 on linux/amd64

There are no other errors except the two above as far as I can see.

Does adding --verbose to the backup command line show anything useful?

There’s no obvious connection between restic being unable to read a file and the backup getting canceled. What you could try is to build a debug build of restic (restic/CONTRIBUTING.md at master · restic/restic · GitHub), maybe that provides some further insight.

Huh? How is a Linux version of restic able to mess around with windows paths and vss snapshots?

Ah, sorry. I’m using Windows, Mac and Linux versions :see_no_evil: but the one showing the problem is also 0.12.1, just for Windows…

I will try to see whether I can get access to the machine to try the verbose option. Thanks for the advice.