Fatal: unable to open repository

I am a new user of restic and restiprofile.
I am interested in scheduling a full backup of my Mac hard disk on an external hard disk.
I set up the config file and followed the instructions here: https://creativeprojects.github.io/resticprofile/index.html.
However, in the local.resticprofile.default.backup.log I see the following error:

Fatal: unable to open repository at /Volumes/S128/restic: ReadDir: open /Volumes/S128/restic/keys: operation not permitted 
2024/04/20 18:43:35 backup on profile 'default': exit status 1

Is there anyone who can help me understand what the issue is?

Looks like the user that runs resticprofile (which provides the restic commands) has no permission to read/write the repository location.

I set the config file as “system” and ran the commands with sudo.
I don’t know.
However, I noted that the entire hard disk backup (almost 500GB) took over three hours (too much).
Is restic a valid solution to backup single files or folders and not for a full hard disk?

So @nicfab you were able to run the backup with the sudo elevation? Good to hear.

500GByte in 3 hours is about 50MByte/sec. Depending on your hardware (cpu, external storage connection and storage speed) and other background tasks this is decent speed.

You will see that the next backup is much faster since restic does not need to read and chunk and write all 500GByte of data. It only needs to look for changes and process that.

Try to run another full backup of your internal disk, it could be done in minutes.