Extract file size growth (diff)

Hi !

I recently observed substantial steady growth on some repos. To help me find the culprits, I would like to obtain the per-file growth details on recently added files. Either at runtime output or afterward. Right now, using @cdhowie’s brilliant bash-json diff magic :

restic diff $(restic snapshots --host myhost --json | jq -r '.[-2:][].id')

We obtain the changes in the last two snapshots but not the size impact on the repo for each files. We do see a size summary that helps a bit :

Added to the repo: 1.557 GiB

Maybe there is a flag I missed to point out the impact per file (after deduplication). Since this total is dynamically calculated, maybe there is a way to output the details it via -v or -v -v ?

Any suggestions would be appreciated !