Executing diff after backup using "--parent" outputs weird info

I have executed a backup using --parent because I changed hosts, the backup should have gone like 0 new and 0 changed for files and folders because I haven’t even powered on the hard drives since I last run a backup instead using diff --metadata I get a report with a lot of files and folders stating they have been updated, that was weird so I end up downloading one of the files to compare with the one that already exists and as far as I see they are identical not only in content but in metadata too.
Also it says restic added 70MB of data but why? No data changed, and metadata info wont be that big.
I tried running the diff command with -vvv but I’m getting the same as if I weren’t using verbose at all.

Is this normal?

By the way, as weird as this is, after backing up the hard drive I got this:

Files:           0 new,     0 changed,  3536 unmodified
Dirs:            0 new,   674 changed,     0 unmodified
Data Blobs:      0 new
Tree Blobs:    644 new
Added to the repository: 71.856 MiB (71.899 MiB stored)

It’s the same with the other hard drives, so it seems that every single one of the directories has been updated but no files were but when running the diff command I get beside some directories a bunch of files too so if they were updated as the diff command says, why I didn’t got that info when the backup action finished?

The directory metadata also includes a DeviceID which has probably changed between hosts.

That sounds unlikely as no new data blobs were uploaded. It might be a bug in diff though, which restic version are you using?

I’m using 0.13.1 for backup and diff, I also tried the diff command with restic master compiled from source + 3 pull requests and I get the exact same result.

Side question, I’ve been searching but haven’t found anything, is there any way to make restic output more info when doing diff? I would like to know exactly what metadata was updated.

Diff can only show whether something has changed but won’t provide details. You could try to list some of the folder using the ls --json command, and check that for changes.