Exclude and Include

Hello restic community! I have the following question:

I make a backup and use –exclude-file option, the file from this option contains the following line:


i.e. /Users/*/Library/ directories and all its contents are ignored, works fine. But I need to backup individual directories from /Users/*/Library/, for example /Users/*/Library/Application Support/abc/*.

I see https://github.com/restic/restic/pull/2311, and it looks like just the right thing for me. But it looks like this option has not been implemented yet, am I right? Do I have other ways to do this?

Thank you!
I use: restic 0.10.0 compiled with go1.15.2 on darwin/amd64

Is there really no solution?

One solution would be to dynamically create your exclusion-file with basic unix tools (e.g. find | grep -v).

Another solution is using --files-from, but this has some drawbacks (i.e. #2246 and #2993).