Errors in blogs and documentation

Great tool and good documentation, but …

The blog on Foundation - Introducing Content Defined Chunking (CDC) (restic · Foundation - Introducing Content Defined Chunking (CDC)) appears to contain wrong (or at least misleading) information: The tables just above the section “Examples” give three chunk boundaries, but provide fingerprints for only three of the four chunks. Adding a (first) row for the first chunk and showing two different fingerprints would make things much clearer. The offset for the end of the file in the second table is too low by 20.

In Working with repositories / Copying snapshots between repositories (Working with repositories — restic 0.14.0 documentation) the very first usage example has been adapted to reflect the new parameters introduced with release 0.14. All three examples further down still show “–repo2” instead of “–from-repo”.

This will be fixed in the next release: Working with repositories — restic 0.14.0 documentation .

I’m not sure I understand the problem. The fingerprints in the table are those used to determine the chunk boundaries and not the sha256 hashes of the chunks. Obviously, the sha256 hash of the first chunk will change, but stay the same for the other blocks. But for the rabin fingerprint, the whole point is that these specific fingerprints now show up at a different offset but didn’t change otherwise.