Encryption configurable?


first of all: you saved my weekend!
I was looking around for a suitable backup solution for my ubuntu box to synology NAS. I found tons of them, but some were not working with synology ssh/rsync, others too overblown and so on.

Restic is exactly doing what I am expecting.

I have a minor wish. It probably sounds stupid, because I know encryption is one of the great features. But if I using it on my home network I don’t really need this. It consumes cpu from my (slow) box.
So it would be great if there could be an option to backup without encryption.

Best Regards

This issue explains a few reasons that this is not an option (yet?).

Thanks for the feedback, I’m glad restic works for you. Maybe we’ll add an option to disable encryption eventually later, you can subscribe to the GitHub issue Matt linked to be notified of any (eventual) progress. :slight_smile: