Dumb question: progress or verbose mode during restore?

I’m doing a Restic restore – but nothing seems to be happening for a long time, then files show up, then nothing for a long time, etc.

I’ve used the --verbose option, but it’s not very verbose. Just the opposite. Is there a way to monitor progress of a restore?

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Related: Progress bar for restore · Issue #426 · restic/restic · GitHub

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Ah. ok, so looks like there is no progress or support --verbose on restore, and doesn’t look like there’s any plans to do it soon, as it’s considered low priority.

Does anybody have any bash or zsh trickery they can recommend that would give some semblance of “this is what’s happening” during a large restore? I’m using Google drive as a backend with rclone.

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I would also be very glad if some progress indicator would arrive some day. Or at least verbosity.
I don’t expect any trick would do this.

What I do during restore is sweating, praying, smoking one cigarette after the other and watching ‘df’ output in another console to see if data is still written…

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So what I’ve ended up doing is mounting the backup and just copying over the backed up files. At least then I can monitor what’s being copied.

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I’ve just merged PR https://github.com/restic/restic/pull/3991 which adds a progress bar to the restore command.


@MichaelEischer Sorry if it’s a stupid question but how do you use that new function?

I’m running my restore like this:

restic -r rclone:PCBakcup:PCBackup restore latest --target “D:\Restore”

rclone v1.63.1, working on Windows, and works fine

Mounting but not on Windows right?

The restore command shows a progress bar similar to the backup command, starting from restic 0.16.0. It is shown if the output is a terminal or you’ve passed the --json option.

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Thanks for the answer @MichaelEischer

Still If I run:

restic -r rclone:PCBackup:PCBackup restore --json --verbose --target “D:\restore” latest

I don’t see any progress reports. I’m missing something and I’m consulting help
restic restore --help
with no luck

Not having examples written for Windows makes it quite difficult for me.

Bard is not helping :rofl:

To restore files with a progress bar on Windows, you can use the following command:

restic restore --progress <snapshot-id> <destination-path>

Note that the progress bar feature is only available in restic versions 0.14.0 and later. If you are using an older version of restic, you will not be able to see a progress bar during restores.

I’m using restic 0.15.2

In that case you should update restic to a version that actually implements the restore progress bar (aka. at least restic 0.16.0).

Well, it’s giving you an answer as it was told too. Nobody said anything about the answer being correct, it just has to seem correct at first glance xD . (There is no --progress option)

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Thanks a lot and sorry for the time I took to answer :grin: