--dry-run not implemented for restic-prune 0.11.0


Documentation for restic-prune indicates that the --dry-run flag can be used, but command line complains that it is not a recognized flag.

$ restic version
restic 0.11.0 compiled with go1.15.3 on linux/386

$ restic prune --dry-run
unknown flag: --dry-run

On closer inspection, it seems the discrepancy might be that the “latest” documentation does not refer to the latest “stable” build, but perhaps some development build? It’s not clear to me what version the “latest” documentation refers to, because the HTML indicates version 0.11.0, but something is not quite adding up here.

I’m nervous about running the prune command without a dry run first. Can anyone offer suggestions for how to enable the dry run of restic-prune?


You are right. Previously restic documentation defaulted to showing the ‘latest’ documentation which corresponds to the lastest commits of the master development branch of restic. This has been changed recently and should now show the latest stable release of restic by default.

You can switch to the documentation for a specific release of restic by clicking on the green link in the lower left corner (starting with 'v: ') of the documentation.

The feature you are referring to was merged to restic’s master branch some time ago but isn’t included in a stable release yet. You can use restic binaries from beta.restic.net (all of them should include PR #2718) or build a new restic binary yourself.

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thank you

I haven’t tried this yet, but your recommendation sounds reasonable enough. Marking it as solution.