Drawbacks of FAT32?

I’ve seen mentioned that FAT32 has some drawbacks with restic; can anyone shed some light on what these drawbacks might be?

I’m currently using a FAT32 external drive to backup my home folder locally, which I want to then upload to B2 with rclone.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t think they meant that FAT32 has drawbacks with restic specifically, just it has drawbacks in general. For example:

  • No support for file ownership/permissions.
  • Files cannot exceed 4GB in size.
  • Volumes cannot exceed 2TB in size.
  • The filesystem is encumbered by patents, and unlicensed implementations may be vulnerable to lawsuits.
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Awesome, thanks!

I have decided I’m gonna take the legal risk.

I don’t think restic itself will mind either way, but you may see better performance with exFAT. Plus it supports larger volume sizes. I currently have a 5TB exFAT external that I back up to using restic.