Don't want backup in snapshots

Hi there, so I want to back up my /home to b2 Backblaze with restic. I tried to backup however it created a single snapshot of /home directory. I don’t want a single snapshot. I want restic to sync the data from /home directory as it is to B2.

Please suggest how can I do that.

This is the wrong product. Perhaps rclone sync?

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If you want to sync files instead of backing up files, you should use a sync program instead of a backup program.

Restic is a backup program, designed for very good reasons to work the way it works. If you instead want to sync files, I recommend using rsync or rclone.

Thanks for the reply.

Yes I tried rclone and I think it’s good for syncing up files and folders. however, I didn’t get a command to restore the backup from Backblaze using rclone.

Any suggestion?


Can we use rysnc command to backup to backblaze?

I suggest you read the rclone documentation, it explains how to use rclone. But in summary you just set up your remotes, and tell rclone to sync to/from/between them.

Not sure, but you really don’t need to. Instead use rclone as suggested before. That’s the right tool for syncing with Backblaze. My suggestion with rsync was on a more general note, for when you need to sync files. It’s a really good tool, but if it isn’t made to work with your specific source/destination then you’ll have to use a more specialized one such as rclone. Sorry about the confusion there.

Alright! Thanks for the help