Directory junctions on Windows

I can see directory junctions being backed up (see below for example ls --long output), but they are not being restored. Is there a way to restore them pointing to the correct destination? As you can see, the backup has the full (original) path which will not always exist on a restore (obviously). I have looked through the issues and forum for junctions, but nothing seemed to pop out.


Lrw-rw-rw-     0     0      0 2021-06-11 18:35:28 /K/UrBackup/envy/210611-1834/temp -> K:\UrBackup\ENVY\.directory_pool\5P\5PM8eD3qTO162268026897403234

Alternatively, an option to follow symlinks would be nice, but I see the pros and cons as discussed in various issues in the github issue tracker. As a note, I am looking to backup the same type of data as bland328 in issue 2654, Option to follow symlinks in path arguments · Issue #2564 · restic/restic · GitHub, that is UrBackup data which uses hard links and junctions (when on NTFS) extensively. If anybody has any ideas for workarounds on a Windows machine, let me know (as bind mounts are not an option). I really do want to stick with restic as it is the fastest solution I have found for getting my UrBackup data to an offsite location, just need to figure out this final piece of solving the “junctioned” directories.