Delete account on restic forum

I want to delete my account, but there isn’t that setting.

Sorry to hear that! But of course we’ll do that if you want to delete it.

May I first ask, though, would you be fine with just anonymizing the account instead of deleting it? Anonymizing it would change the username and email, and reset all profile information. Hence, it’s no longer “you” after that process.

The purpose of doing this instead of deleting is that deleting also removes posts, and such posts can be valuable to other users (e.g. contain solutions to problems that they too have).

Let us know, and we’ll be happy to help out regardless.

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@rawtaz Really, I was enthusiastic about restic and resticprofile and tried to use them on my Mac.
I intended to create a bootable clone of my hard disk, but it was impossible.
I received errors; it took a lot of time to create the backup, and the cloned bootable hard disk didn’t work in the end.
I used Carbon Copy Cloner, which is faster, and the cloned bootable hard disk works fine.
I have no reason to maintain my profile here because I no longer use restic or resticprofile.
I probably made some mistakes and didn’t use restic and resticprofile correctly.
If you want to suggest the correct configuration files for the last try, I can evaluate them.
Otherwise, please delete my account.
I appreciate your support.

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Hey @nicfab , @nicnab here :smile:

Creating bootable disks for macOS is not really the purpose of restic. It is rather something like time machine but more capable in some aspects and, from my experience on late versions of time machine, waaaay faster.

If you want backups with snapshots (containing different versions of your files over time), I highly recommend taking a closer look at restic again.

CCC does work but partitioning on macOS has gotten more complex recently so I have actually gone to using time machine for non-pro users. If something goes wrong, you can hook up the backup to a fresh macOS install and restore will get you right back to where you were during the last run of time machine. Pretty neat too.

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And to sleep well it is always good idea to use both Time Machine and restic:) usual backup rules always apply - 3-2-1

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@nicnab @kapitainsky
Thank you.
May I ask you - even privately - some configuration files that you use or suggest?

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Personally, I use bash scripts only as I find all wrapper scripts additionally confusing. But that’s surely a matter of taste. Also, what I usually do is automatic rsyncing of my repos to a second location and script based checks on repo health. There’s a ton of very helpful information here in the forum on that and also on!

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Like @nicnab wrote, a full system restore of macOS is not really within restic’s design. I personally am on a Mac just like you, and personally I just back up all my Documents and similar. The reason is simple; the times I have to restore my entire system from backup is… more or less never.

Even if I was to get a new computer, I would just set it up from scratch by adding an admin account, adding a new user account for myself, and then restore all the relevant content from the backup to that user account. I personally don’t see a need for restoring the entire system - the only time I’d have that need is probably if I lost the computer unexpectedly at some point and wanted to restore it all. But the thing is this; the chances of that happening are so small that it’s not worth the hassle of making a full system backup or the cost of having to depend on such a thing using e.g. Time Machine or something else that is expected to do it more or less properly. I did use TM a decade or so ago, before using restic. FWIW, I’ve managed some 100 or so other Macs through the years and one single time I’ve had to restore the entire system. In short, it’s simply not a need that is big enough to warrant it in any way dictating the choice of software I use for backing up my data. I am much more interested in what the backup software can do with the data I choose to back up in the end.

I’ve used SuperDuper! and CCC as well back in the days, and they are both great software, that’s for sure. I don’t really consider them backup software though, I consider them cloning software which are useful for other purposes than backing up my data. All that said, it’s of course entirely up to you to pick what works for you, there’s no question about that :slight_smile:

If you still want to close your account in this forum I can help you with that, just let me know again when you decide to go ahead with that. If you’re fine with anonymizing it instead of deleting it, that would help us retain useful content, otherwise we can delete it of course. It’s entirely your choice. Anonymization removes everything about the account that is you, it turns it into a completely anonymous account.


Thank you @rawtaz.
I’ll try again with restic.
At the moment do not delete my account.
I’ll do some other tests.

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