Deduplication works so well

This is not a question but an observation:

I did a new snapshot of my pictures and I am impressed by the deduplication efficiency. Since the last snapshot, I mainly changed image metadata. Only very few of the images changed. Apparently, I touched about 72 % of the images which is about 313 GiB. But as only metadata within the image files were changed, only 9.7 GiB were added to the repository which is only 3 % of the total file size of the changed images. In other words, while 72 % of the files have changed, only 2 % of additional data was added to the repo. (Compression does not help for already compressed image formats, only 1.3 % reduction.)

Files:         252 new, 68301 changed, 27029 unmodified
Dirs:            3 new,   839 changed,   379 unmodified
Added to the repository: 9.693 GiB (9.566 GiB stored)

processed 95582 files, 436.495 GiB in 1:24:08
snapshot 59343c1b saved

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