Decrypting blob ... failed: ciphertext verification failed

As described at troubleshooting I come here.

Running restic 0.16.4 on $client since months daily with backup command ro an remote $server (ssh).
At server I also run restic 0.16.4 with commands forget and check daily to the same repository (running this locally ist much more faster).

Since today I get the following running “restic check” from each host:

check snapshots, trees and blobs
error for tree 9c8d0ca5:
decrypting blob 9c8d0ca5bb4e4896408767dc28e32233261911c4483b98370225023c5693d03e failed: ciphertext verification failed
[1:09] 100.00% 27 / 27 snapshots

At the moment I run it again with option “–read-data”. What to do next? I’ld like to keep my snapshots but I’m able to loose some file(s) inside.

with best regards, Ronny

As I see, now there are more instructions after “check --read-data” as

restic repair packs $HASH1 $HASH2 …
restic repair snapshots --forget

Further in repair process I can see which file(s) are affected. So you can use --dry-run first to decide. Thats really good.

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