<data/c1a52120b9> does not exist errors

Hi! I’m using Restic to backup to two different clouds. I’ve started getting these strange errors when checking data in one of the clouds.
Load(<data/c1a52120b9>, 5247257, 0) returned error, retrying after 582.280027ms: <data/c1a52120b9> does not exist.

I’ve tried to do every step described here: Pack FOO: does not exist.
All snapshots were deleted, and a new snapshot was created. Prune, etc.

Today I’ve run a --read-data-subset check once again and once again got errors. So what do I need to do? Delete repo and start over?


Which restic version do you use? Which command did you run exactly? What is the full output generated by restic? Which backend do you use?

From the information provided so far it’s impossible to tell whether it is something that can be resolved by restic or a problem of the cloud used to store the repository.

Hi! Thank you for trying to help me!

Which restic version do you use?


Which command did you run exactly?

restic -v -r rclone:rclone-backend:backup check --read-data-subset=10%

What is the full output generated by restic?

using temporary cache in /tmp/restic-check-cache-436641224
repository f1d74fca opened (repository version 2) successfully, password is correct
created new cache in /tmp/restic-check-cache-436641224
create exclusive lock for repository
load indexes
check all packs
check snapshots, trees and blobs
[0:02] 100.00% 5 / 5 snapshots
read 10.0% of data packs
Load(<data/8eebdb11be>, 5668081, 0) returned error, retrying after 720.254544ms: <data/8eebdb11be> does not exist
[15:14] 100.00% 5570 / 5570 packs
no errors were found

Which backend do you use?

rclone to yandex disk

Judging from the output the error is just temporary and has resolved itself after retrying. So, essentially the repository seems to be ok. Restic retries downloading/uploading up to ten times and will complain explicitly if the problem could not be resolved. As there is only a single retry it means, that downloading the file worked the second time.

I’m not sure why yandex disk or rclone temporarily claimed that the file does not exist, but retrying that operation seems to have fixed it.

Thank you for the explanation of what is going on. I was unsure if the file was ok or not. Probably the devs can add additional clarification to the error message. Because right now, it says “retrying” and “does not exist” right after that.

The next restic version will have something about as helpful: "Everything is ok" message after retrying by creativeprojects · Pull Request #2661 · restic/restic · GitHub has added Load(...) operation successful after 1 retries messages to inform users that the retries were successful.