Couple of questions about restic

Hello, a happy new user here. Got a couple of questions for you:

  • If I move a directory and backup it , will restic de-dupe it?

  • If not, will applying a tag make restic think it’s the same directory? (example: /mnt/pictures backed up with tag pic. Then I move /mnt/pictures to /mnt/new_pictures, again backed up with tag pic)

  • Last one (ok not exactly a couple…): why does restic make a new snapshot for a directory that hasn’t changed at all?

Thank you, very appreciated. restic is very cool :smiley:

Yes, it will deduplicate the contents of the files it backs up. It’s not going to “track” the directory being renamed, it just will not upload the same contents again due to the deduplication.

Because the purpose of restic is to make a snapshot of your source when you ask it to do so. If you happen to not have any changes in your files since the last snapshot, so be it - that’s not something that should prevent your directive of “make sure I can restore my files/folders exactly as they were at point in time X”. If you ever want to restore a point in time, you still need a snapshot representing that point in time - regardless of whether or not anything changed since the last backup before it. This has also been discussed in

Alright, thanks for your reply :slight_smile: