Could someone help me out regarding the restic backup arrangement?


I faced some challenges when I configured my Restic backup system. I hope I find here the best guidance and advice about this issue.

I appreciate the flexibility and functionality of Restic Backup. But when I started Restic to manage backups for my personal computer files; work documents; family photos; and personal projects,

I am struggling with configuring backup targets to efficiently store my data and setting up retention policies to manage backup versions effectively.

I want guidance for those who have faced similar challenges configuring and optimizing Restic backups in their personal systems.

Also, I have gone through some posts relevant to this issue that are helpful for me

Maybe there are any misconceptions that I am unaware of. If anyone can provide some other technique or tool to solve this issue,.

I appreciate your support and valuable insights; Thank you in advance for your help and assistance

What is the actual question? What are the challenges. To be honest, this sounds very much like a AI generated post.


this question has less useful detail than your previous one :slight_smile:

Honestly, if you want to use restic and make it keep data forever while deleting various files on the “source”, you could still do it, except that when you want to restore you would need to restore selectively.

Oh and you should probably never prune/forget :slight_smile:

I seem to recall a “restic browser” project that lets you view the restic backup in full glory which might help you. I use a homegrown script that uses fzf to do selective restores from old snapshots.