Correct way to umount?

When mounting a repository, restic says Don't forget to umount after quitting!. If I interrupt restic’s mount process, there’s nothing to umount. If I do umount /mnt/restic while it’s still running, restic says unable to umount (maybe already umounted?): exit status 1: fusermount: entry for /mnt/restic not found in /etc/mtab.

What’s the right way to do this?

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Both ways are alright. Restic tries to unmount in any case. Maybe the Don't forget to umount is a bit unfortunate then.

Yeah, @fawick is right, and I think we can (and should) improve the user interface of the mount command.

Yep, I was confused about how to end the fuse mount.

How about just say “Press Ctrl-C to quit and umount” and the try to umount and if it fails, ask the user to umount themselves in a warning?