Connect to jottacloud

Hello, thank you for restic. Just found and trying it.

I have it working locally, but would like to use it to send backups to cloud storage by

Can restic connect to jottacloud?
By using google, I have found one reference, stating that is possible using rclone as an intermediate, but in order to keep things simple I would like to use it without an intermediate.

Thank you!

Please provide the URL to the article you found talking about rclone and Jottacloud?

I found it @ Implementing Jottacloud · Issue #1193 · restic/restic · GitHub

Thanks. I was curious if the article was mentioning what type of backend Jottacloud uses. I’m not seeing anywhere (just skimmed some info on their own and rclone’s website) that it uses some standard protocol, so if it doesn’t match any of restic’s backends then you’ll have to use rclone.

I was hoping for native support for jottacloud in restic.
I have been testing duplicati with jottacloud, which works natively.
Recently I discovered restic and before going live with duplicati I thought I might have a look at it.
More info about the duplicati connection to jottacloud can be found on Jottacloud backend by albertony · Pull Request #2355 · duplicati/duplicati · GitHub
At duplicati, they seem to have been using a library for a peek on the protocol: GitHub - havardgulldahl/jottalib: A library to access files stored at

There are several reasons why we will not implement direct support for Jottacloud, and most of them are already mentioned in the issue you linked to. Regadless, we simply cannot maintain a whole bunch of different backends (we do get requests every now and then for various relatively speaking uncommon backends, most of which are already available through rclone), and especially when one can re-use rclone’s support for this one, that’s the way to go to use it.

I personally hear you and myself do not fancy having to run rclone because of how you must configure it before use, but it is what it is, and adding an rclone binary and a config for it is a very small price to pay to be able to use restic with Jottacloud :slight_smile:

The library you reference is not something we can use as restic is written in Go and the library is written in Python.

Thank you for your reply, and that you for a quick reply.

I understand your reasons not to implement it in restic.

I must say I misunderstood rclone. I had read that rclone mounted the cloudspace in the os, which is something I don’t want to (to protect the backup to p.e. ransomware). I now understand that this mounting is a possibility, but not necessary. My bad.

I have restic/rclone/jottacloud running now.

Once again thank you.
Kind regards

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That’s great, I hope it works well for you :slight_smile: Thank you too!