Confusion about snapshots

A while ago I ran

restic -r repo backup /dir1

Some time after I did

restic -r repo backup /dir2 /dir3

What would happen now if I performed a

restic -r repo backup /dir1 /dir2 /dir3

Would this upload everything again?

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No it won’t.
Only the files that have changed/are new in any of the 3 directories would be uploaded.

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Restic will still read all files again, however, it won’t upload files again that have already been uploaded.


Thanks! And what would happen, if I moved /folder1/folder2 to /folder2?

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deduplication works across all repo - does not matter if files are moved or not.

Assuming that these folders are already in your repo then only some metadata will be saved to indicate new dirs structure. No content has to be uploaded again.

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Awesome, thanks once again!

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I can testify that it is so. I made large moves of files and directories and in the next backup Restic only needed to upload a few megabytes.

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