Changing restic's snapshots date

I just migrated from rsnapshot to restic by manually snapshotting each directory (yearly.0, yearly.1, monthly.0, etc) and I’d like to make use of the automatic pruning from restic based on dates and retention policy however all of my snapshots have now the date from today. Is there a way to change the date for certain snapshots as a one-off thing?

Afaik you can set the timestamp of a snapshot while getting it (with --time argument). Maybe this could be a feature request for rewrite command, since it preserves metadata (and one might argue this can be allowed to be changed also).

Wasn’t aware of --time. For now I will just re-snapshot that directory with --time but considering it’s a huge backup it will take a few hours. A time-rewrite option would be nice.

Even though restic won’t have to back up any new data (it’s effectively only checking which files might have changed (using metadata) and shouldn’t have to upload the same data again)?

Got about 2TB of data and a few million files, took ~ 2 hours to complete.

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