Change --limit-upload without aborting restic


I use restic to backup LVM-snapshots (some are around 1TB) via --stdin. Sometimes there are many changes so the backup is not finished in the morning, when server-ressources and upload-bandwith are needed to work more than for backup.

Until now i was killing restic and restarting with a lower --limit-upload value. Works so far, but leads to the behaviour that the whole file must be read again, even it was close before finishing.

Is there a way to change the --limit-upload value without aborting restic, or can this be implemented?

Maybe similar to pv with the -R --rate-limit command?

Or is there a external tool which could do this? I have found trickle but no way to change the bandwith-limits after start trickle, like pv provides for pipes.

I would be very happy to find a solution!

Greets, Freisei

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I made a small POC using a command to limit network limits and unfortunally it does not work with Restic. It should be good to communicate with restic process to change download/upload limit but it does not fit all the cases : I would like to run 2 processes and limit the global to avoid to saturate my network, and if possible to change these values to be able to use full of my network the night and reduce the day. The only way I found is to use a dedicated network interface, but we cannot say to Restic what interface use. With Docker, we can isolate to a dedicated network interface, but with all of that, we reach a little bit complicated solution !!