Can't initialize new repo Synology [Solved]

I am n00b in restic. Trying init command from docs
restic -r sftp:admin@mysinologylocalIP:/homes/admin/Backup/restic-repo init
Created pass for repo, asked for pass for my Synology acoount, enter the pass (correct one :slight_smile:) and after that this error:

Fatal: create repository at sftp:admin@mysinologylocalIP:/homes/admin/Backup/restic-repo failed: unable to start the sftp session, error: error receiving version packet from server: server unexpectedly closed connection: unexpected EOF

ssh working fine with putty. Any help, please?

Could it be that your Synology hasn’t enabled SFTP for that user (or at all)?

Otherwise, please try connecting with not just SSH, but with SFTP using another client. There’s e.g. you can use to try this with, it’s great software.

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Yep. Cyberduck can’t connect via sftp :worried:

DONE. Thanks for pointing me!

You figured it out? What was missing?

I activated SFTP in Synology :innocent: :sunglasses:

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