Can't init a new sftp repo

When I run:

restic init -r sftp://user@c3po:/mnt/bak/test

I get back:
subprocess ssh: Bad port ‘’
Fatal: create repository at sftp://user@c3po:/mnt/bak/test failed: unable to start the sftp session, error: EOF

SSH runs on port 22 on c3po. I have tried explicitly setting the port in ~/.ssh/config

Am I missing something obvious?

Try without slashes:
restic init -r sftp:user@c3po:/mnt/bak/test

Indeed, @764287 posted the right syntax for the sftp backend, is it still mentioned in the docs somewhere? I’m asking so I can remove it :slight_smile:


I have the same Issues…

restic -r sftp:user@server.tld:/home/user/backup backup --tag Automatic_backup files
subprocess ssh: subsystem request failed on channel 0
Fatal: unable to open repo at sftp:user@server.tld:/home/user/backup failed: unable to start the sftp session, error: EOF

It’s an automatic process (cronjob) and it worked until the day before yesterday. I have not made any changes to any process.

The same error I get even when I try to create a new repo.

A “normal” connection via SSH or SCP works easily.

My bad, it was late night and I’m used to typing double slashes. It’s working for me with correct syntax.

That’s probably an issue with the ssh client. Can you try running ssh -v user@server.tld -s sftp and see what it prints?

Then, you can add the option -o sftp.command='ssh -v user@server.tld -s sftp' to restic, that will start the ssh command with debug output enabled.

I found the problem…
A typical Layer 8 problem, I had overlooked something in the config of the SSH server.

Thanks & case closed