Can't check repository on Odroid HC2 (Armbian Buster)

I set up a restic repository sometime ago for my whole family and it works flawless. Perfect deduplication and mounting snapshots over ssh. But from time to time I would like to “check --read-data” my repository to early detect issues in data integrity. (Maybe every second week or so). Now when I want to run this command on the backup server, RAM fills up very quickly when “loading indexes”. The device has 2GB RAM and approximately 1GB free all the time. Additionally 1 GB SWAP which also fills up quickly. As soon as RAM and SWAP are filled, restic check crashes. Why does it need so much RAM? Can I somehow restrict it? As of now I need to check the 900GB repository over ssh from my laptop, immobilizing it for approximately 1 1/2 days.
Some ideas how to solve this issue? Restic version is: 0.9.4.

Hi @Roxxor91 and welcome to the Restic forum :slight_smile:

So this kind of behavior has been a topic on here before. Here is a thread where another user also mentioned RAM limitation issues and it was discussed in full there: High Memory Usage on Backup, Prune, and Check

Have a look here is the answers and information there give you a better understanding how restic works and if this solves your question.

I hope this helps you with the issues you’re having - if it does, let me know here so we! :slight_smile: