Cannot do multiple backups into same repository

Dear Restic folks,

I am trying to backup data from my Windows PC to Google Drive with Restic.
I am using restic + rclone for this purpose.

Here is my script:

@echo off
SET RESTIC_PASSWORD=my secret password
SET RCLONE_CONFIG=Z:\_ZIPBU~1\restic\scripts\gdrive\rclone.conf
cd Z:\_ZIPBU~1\restic\scripts\gdrive
@echo on 

"Z:\_ZIPBU~1\restic\bin\restic\restic" ^
-o rclone.program="Z:/_ZIPBU~1/restic/bin/rclone/rclone" ^
-o rclone.args="serve restic --stdio --verbose" ^
--tag PROJ_1 ^
--exclude-file="excludes.txt" ^
-r rclone:gdrive: C:\PROJ_1

"Z:\_ZIPBU~1\restic\bin\restic\restic" ^
-o rclone.program="Z:/_ZIPBU~1/restic/bin/rclone/rclone" ^
-o rclone.args="serve restic --stdio --verbose" ^
--exclude-file="excludes.txt" ^
--tag PROJ_2 ^
-r rclone:gdrive: C:\PROJ_2

The backup runs both jobs without any errors. However when I list my snapshots I see
the snapshots for PROJ_2 only. Obviously PROJ_1 is overwritten by PROJ_2.
When I run the same backup again, it immediately tells me that there is no previous snapshot.

I have read multiple informations that it’ ok to put multiple backups into the same repository - what is wrong with my script?

Many thanks,

I think I am one step further. PROJ_1 is a big directory, while PROJ_2 is much smaller.
My guess is, that after many hours of transfering PROJ_1 it skips to PROJ_2 - leaving PROJ_1 uncompleted. I have not noticed obvious error messages, but might well be…

I have read the following here: FAQ — restic 0.14.0 documentation

  • Restic will resume the backup (uploaded files are not lost)
  • Restic might not show a snapshot for such interrupted backups

Is there a command for listing incomplete snapshots nevertheless?


Yes, you can safely resume an interrupted previously started backup run, that’s all fine. Restic will have to re-scan the files though, if there has not yet been a snapshot created as the result of a previously successful backup run. But just start it again and let it run until it finishes, it will then tell you that it created a snapshot.

Since you haven’t showed us any output from the runs you have, we can’t really say what’s going on. But if you simply have not let restic complete both of the backup runs, then naturally there won’t be a snapshot created for the non-finished run. Snapshots are created at the very end of the backup process.

I’m not sure why you’d need to see an incomplete snapshot or similar - just start the backup again and let it finish. There is nothing like an incomplete snapshot - either there is a snapshot or there isn’t one.