Can `restic copy` recover from failures / partial backups?

Hi, guys.

I’m new to restic, but already loving it! So, first of all, thanks for this great piece of software. :slight_smile:

So, I’m using restic (on linux) to back up my home folder to a network drive. That’s been working well for a few days now, so I wanted to go to the next step, off-site backups.

So I’ve learned about restic copy and read a bunch of answers around here, but am still not sure: Would it work incrementally? Say my network goes down, or I want to stop it after a few hours since my first backup will be big, and so on.

Is restic copy really what I want in this case, or do you guys recommend raw rclone, maybe? I don’t need the off-site backup to be encrypted with another key, I just want to duplicate what I have here at home, in case my backup drive dies.


Why not run a second backup to the off-site location? Thus if something gets corrupted in your local backup you don’t replicate the problem on the remote site,

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I thought about that, but i’m using a raspberry pi as my NFS server and i’d like to have it periodically upload the backups to the offsite location (say, backblaze or wasabi).

So, I’m backing up my home folder (in my notebook) to an NFS disk (which is attached to the Pi), and I’d like the Pi to upload it without my intervention. And the Pi doesn’t have access to my home folder, just to the backup disk, hence my question.

I haven’t used restic copy, but in the past I have used rclone sync with the s3 backend and it was rock solid. What doesn’t get synced because of an early termination will get synced in the next pass. The only time I would be a little concerned is an incomplete sync after a prune; keep an eye on it and sync again asap.

You don’t have to be concerned at all if you use --delete-after (which is the default behavior). Just don’t specify a different --delete-* flag.

Thanks for your replies, guys. I’ll go the rclone way, seems to do the job without too much hassle.