Can I use OneDrive for repo?

I have a Win10 laptop with Microsoft 365 Personal on it which allows for 1 Tb of space on OneDrive. Is there anyway of pointing the repo location to OneDrive?

Thanks in advance for all help.

Restic doesn’t have a built-in backend for OneDrive, so to use it you’ll have to use the rclone backend, see: Preparing a new repository — restic 0.12.0 documentation and

You’d have to try it out, maybe there’s some limitations in how many requests you can perform per time period or similar. But it’s worth giving it a whirl to see how it fares!

@rawtaz I’m sorry I hadn’t done my ‘homework’ this time. I should have done a search of OneDrive on the forum before asking the question. Will try harder next time.

No worries :slight_smile:

I store to a Restic repo on my PC in the folder that OneDrive backs up. That’s not very efficient but works fine given my repo size.

@tomwaldnz Thanks very much for your response. That’s what I was planning to do but then I found this:

That allows me to put the repo anywhere and just provide a link to the OneDrive folder. I guess it’s not that much different in the end result but I have a schema for backup folders which I wanted to retain.