Cache management


I’m using restic restic 0.9.5 (compiled with go1.12.4 on linux/amd64) on RHEL machines and I’d like to understand if there is a difference between the data created in /tmp and /root/.cache/restic ? If I set the option --no-cache it still create data in /root/.cache/restic but nothing in /tmp. Also, if I specify --cache-dir to location like /mnt/restic_cache, it still create data in /root/.cache/restic.

This will help me to size my partions accordingly.

Thanks and cheers

/tmp only contains a small set of data files which are currently downloaded / uploaded. The cache directory will contain a copy of the index/ folder of the repository and directory metadata which are a (small) subset of the data/ folder. How large the metadata is depends on whether you backup lots of small files or only larger ones.

restic 0.9.5 is rather old, the current version is 0.12.0 and should be much faster.

That sounds strange. --no-cache should disable the cache in /root/.cache/restic. Did you specify that option for every command? You can also use the environment variable RESTIC_CACHE_DIR to set the cache directory. Which commands are you using? check will create a temporary cache in /tmp (I think) by default, but specifying a cache dir the cache will be stored there.