BleachBit - Windows Cleanup Tool

Freeware alternative for CCleaner is BleachBit.
It supports command line so it can cleanup Windows temp files just before restic backup.

I run this command before restic backups in Windows

"C:\Program Files (x86)\BleachBit\bleachbit_console.exe" --clean --preset

–preset use cleaning list from GUI

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Thanks for sharing!

I found it has a ‘Make Chaff’ mode which creates files with random content files and will offer to delete or leave them, and one of the presets for making files was ‘Hillary Clinton’s Emails’ mode.

This was a must try for me! I created 5 files and selected to not delete them, it had to download Hillary’s emails to create the files and I had it put them on my desktop for me to enjoy.

Many laughs were had!

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