Bir rot prevention with AWS

Restic in its current state does not have an answer to bit rot. Will hosting my repos in say AWS for instance, prevent and detect bit rot to a certain extent using measures set up by AWS? If not AWS are there other serices that add another layer of bitrot prevention techniques over restic?

I think this is not a restic topic, but an AWS topic.
AWS guaranees 99.999999999% durability of S3 data to you - they won’t get this if they don’t have implemented measurements to detect and recover from bit rot.
Same applies to basically all cloud storage providers.

If you want to dig deeper in how they offer their guarantees, you have to look at the documentation of the special service you’ve selected.


AWS keeps multiple copies of your files and periodically compares them to ensure no bit rot occurs. You’re far more likely to have this occur on your local drive / data.


If planet is invaded by interstellar agents, AWS might be the last one losing bits!

But you have a point, Restic doesn’t have error correction. There is a similar backup software called Kopia that has this feature. But it’s newer and less tested. There another one duplicity, but that’s older and lacks some features!

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If you really worried about this, you can use like par2 /multipar tool to add some partity data

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Restic also informs S3 about the expected hash of the uploaded data. That ensures that data stored in S3 is exactly what was sent by restic.

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