Best approach to get info's from last run

hello together,

my name is Michael, but everyone is calling me Mike. I am very new to Restic and i would need some help/hints or ideas how i can achieve my target solution.

At the Moment i am Running a Test-Environment for my future “HomeLab” based on Docker.
My Host is Running on Ubuntu LTS an i have several docker container running.

restic is running on the host system with systemd

In one docker container i would like to show the last date/time for the run of my backup. For that i need to grab this information show how. Is it possbile to get this? In a nice way?

Thx in advance

Hey Mike,

Kind of depends on what you want to see as being the last run. Personally I look at the latest snapshot timestamp, because to that this signals when a successful backup run was last completed. But this doesn’t say anything about whether any files were backed up in that snapshot.

You need to establish what you want to know about the last run.


sorry, what i need is the Date/Time Info, when last Backup was successfully processed