Basic excludes, am I doing this right?

This might be a bit of a silly one, but depending on how it’s baked in, excludes work in mysterious ways.

I need to exclude, case insensitive, ANY files containing the word “proxy” or “viewing”. The reason is that these are viewing copies that are crud resolution for playback. The backup is for full Master videos. Think Blu-ray vs 480p copy, I want to grab my Blu-ray and ignore the 480p version.

Directory structure would look like this:

/mnt/Data/Show/Do Not Butter A Cat/Master_DoNotButterACat_s01E01.mxf
/mnt/Data/Show/Do Not Butter A Cat/Master_DoNotButterACat_s01E01_proxy.mxf

You get the idea, hopefully. Will simply doing this exclude them:

restic -r /mnt/ResticMasters backup --pack-size 128 -vv -e "*viewing*" -e "*proxy*" /mnt/Data


I think it would work.

But perhaps try it with -n and look at the output to be sure?

Then do not use --exclude but --iexclude

Here all details.


I knew I’d missed something.

Thanks @kapitainsky

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