Backup to a Windows machine

Hi folks, previously I played around with the Go version of Minio, but it seems it only allows a single client at a time. I want to backup 3 macs around my house to my Windows file server, which will then send the Restic directory to the cloud via CrashPlan.

What is the best / most efficient of making my Windows server a target for my Restic backups?


Replacing it with a proper BSD/Linux server :wink:

I appreciate the sentiment, but CrashPlan isn’t supported on Linux and I already have everything setup on that Windows server. Plus I don’t want to split what I need to backup as I pay per “client” (the Windows server = 1 client).

Sorry, but you laid it out so well I just had to :stuck_out_tongue:

Would you consider ditching CrashPlan and going restic for all the backups? You can back up your Windows server too with restic, to a myriad of different backends.

I’m not sure I see why you should be paying for CrashPlan, a proprietary software, instead of doing the aforementioned.

I don’t want to change every single thing about my setup just because I would like to use Restic. I hope that makes sense to you?

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I cannot determine if it makes sense or not, because you didn’t explain why you’d use CrashPlan when you have the option to use restic.

I have no idea about your original question since I never tried Minio on Windows, but can you perhaps run multiple instances of Minio?

That sounds odd, are you sure? :slight_smile:

Probably using rclone with rclone serve restic as an HTTP server, on the other side you can then use restic’s rest backend to target that server, e.g. restic --repo rest: backup [...].

Please remember to configure authentication for the rclone server, otherwise all machines in your LAN could delete data in the repo.

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Just curious, are you using CrashPlan Home?

You were right, I must’ve misunderstood something when I was reading the documentation. Multi-tenant (where you have to run one instance of Minio per tenant) isn’t the same as multi-access. I’ve successfully tested simultaneous restic backups from two different machines to a single instance of Minio, and it works fantastically well.

I also tested rclone in serve mode, and the backup speed (from the client point of view) and CPU utilisation (from the server point of view) was too similar to Minio for me to worry about, so I decided to stick with Minio as the more purpose-built server product.

So in conclusion I’m very happy running Minio on my Windows server, backing up multiple Macs to a single repository. Next step is to backup the Minio directory to B2 or OneDrive using rclone.

Thanks for making restic such a cool and amazing product!

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I was, but they forced me over to small business along with everybody else. There’s nothing majorly wrong with it (apart from excruciatingly slow uploads by modern standards, and a really basic client), but CrashPlan the company really grates me, so I want to leave them.

Gotcha. If you’d like (and if I’m not overstepping my bounds here), I could invite you to try Relica, which I’m developing as a replacement for CrashPlan (and other similar services, but I had also used CrashPlan) myself. It uses restic under the hood.