Backup of tar.gz files extreemly slow

Hello everyone,

We are using restic to backup data from our customer nas to s3 storage(Wasabi)
Restic(0.12.1) is running on a Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS.
The total that restic has to backup is 4.6TB
The job that created the 1st snapshot ran for a 3 day’s which we expected.
During the backup, restic gave a couple of permission denied error’s on 2 directories but the backup managed to finish(3TB).

I solved the permission issue and started a new backup. Now is the backup taking a extremely long time to backup 2 tar.gz files of 230gb. These 2 files are in one of the directories that gave the permission error.
It shows a eta of 108 hours and it is still increasing.

The previous backup was faster while it had to backup more data.
Is it so slow because it has to backup such large files?
My colleague suggest to just let it run until it’s finished.

I uploaded a screenshot with the command I entered and the output from restic.

What worries me more at the moment is the “service unavailable” error message you have when restic wants to save data. Did you check that ?

I suspect that was temporary issue with wasabi because restic is still running.
This night it managed to jump to 80% and the eta is finally going down.
The eta is now 38h.