Backup *OF* an S3 bucket

Hello all,

Every restic S3 tutorial I find seems to assume I want to use an S3 bucket as my repository (backup destination). I would like to use restic to make a backup OF an S3 bucket. Is this possible/documented somewhere?

Restic backs up from local filesystem, it’s not designed to back up from remote services or similar, so if you want to back up a remote thing you’ll have to somehow mount it locally first and then point restic to that local path.

I suppose I forgot to mention I’m able to make a local clone of a remote S3 service. So I’d still technically be backing up a “server”, but it would be off localhost. Would that make a difference?

Not really. It’s quite simple; What you can tell restic to back up is a filesystem path. So whatever you manage to make available as a filesystem, you can try backing up. If you can mount the other servers’ stuff that you want to back up on the server where you run restic, then you can hopefully back it up. I say hopefully because naturally some mounted filesystems doesn’t easily lend themselves to being read like a traditional filesystem, so you might run into issues. But generally speaking, you simply have to point restic to a regular filesystem path, and how/what you put there is up to you.


As noted by the earlier replies, restic is not the right tool for that job.

You might have a look at the minio client. I use it regularly to copy data between S3 (and compatible) buckets. Its “mirror” command makes it pretty easy:


Thank you. I think I’ll use the minio client to do a clone for now. You wouldn’t know how to make snapshots of minio, would you?