Backup - help - minio

is there any specific thinking/idea/performance etc…behind using MINIO Jan-Piet Mens :: My restic backend of choice: minio instead of backing up directly on FS of local drive?


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I also use minio. I do it because having s3-compatibility gives you some good options like syncing between different providers, being able to use IAM roles etc.
I don’t think you’d gain much if you’re just going to backup your laptop, probably s3 will be even slower than the direct access, but it at least makes sense on bigger environments.

i have multiple client devices etc… but i don’t wanna use any commercial store for off-site backup - ie cloud. I want to do off-site on my own devices. So not sure. I thought that minio adds some performance benefits etc…

hm anyone? thx

I don’t have any experience with Minio but here I’m using rest-server and although I didn’t measure it, I am under the impression that it is faster than using sftp directly. In addition you can set rest-server to append-only mode in order to have some basic protection for the backups.

Like you, I don’t want to use a commercial cloud provider so I’m running a cheap little server in my basement as a backup target. In my dad’s basement there is a Raspberry Pi 3 with a large USB HDD and I mirror everything at night using rsync. This setup is cheap and pretty reliable so far. The Pi uses the day for running restic checks with read-data-subset to make sure everything arrives intact.