Backup Google Cloud Bucket with custom metdata


I’m trying, unsuccessfully to backup a google cloud bucket with custom metadata in it’s files.

Better yet, the backup itself is working, I can backup the bucket to another bucket and restore the files, but the problem is that they lose their metadata, which in my use case is not acceptable.

Am I missing something? I read the docs, and I’m assuming this is not possible at the moment :frowning: which will invalidate the use of restic for me in this case.

Any help is appreciated,
Thanks in advance,
Hugo Tigre

Hi @HugoTigre and welcome to the restic community! :slight_smile:
I highly recommend you to utilize the forum search first. For example I searched for “metadata” and found this post which should answer your question: Does restric preserve meta data

Let us know if you need further info or help :slight_smile:

Hi @moritzdietz

Thanks for the feedback, but that doesn’t fully answer my question.

I searched the Issues, Forum and Documentation before asking the question.

Like I said, after reading the docs, “I’m assuming this is not possible at the moment”, but it’s not clear that it’s not possible. When working with remote buckets, and custom metadata, is there any workaround so that restic finds all metadata? (surely this is possible to do, even if restic doesn’t support it right now)

My use case, is that I have a google cloud bucket that I backup to another bucket, but in the backup process, my custom metadata is lost, say for example that I have a custom metadata fields called “my_custom_metadad_field” with some values, after the backup this field is lost.

I really hope I find a solution for this, in my use case, this metadata is crucial for me.

Gotcha! :slight_smile:

PRs are always welcome - especially for docs! :slight_smile:

If no one else here has more info for you, I think you answered your own question.
Since you say it is “custom” metadata of your own making then it’s very likely not being included in the restic snapshot.

PRs are always welcome - especially for docs

Thanks, I will try to make a contribution.

I think you answered your own question.

Yes, that was what I was afraid of :slightly_frowning_face:

Unfortunately I did not anticipate this problem, I was hopping for some solution that I was missing.

Thanks for the help anyway.