Backup from remote

There was some discussion here: How to backup a server without running restic directly on it?

but it didn’t seem to conclude anything.

With rsync, I can do: rsync -aP remote:/path local/path

It would be amazing if restic could do this, especially if some backup tool doesn’t exist on my unix box, and I need to run the backup on my mac where I Have a local tool like Dropbox that I can put my repo on.

For example, Degoo is offering 10TB lifetime subscription for just $99 which I can’t make use of as afaik I can’t do what I’m looking for.

Any chance of this happening @fd0 ? I think the capability is already there, but it’s just not implemented to handle this use-case.

A workaround is to use sshfs or rclone mount and then back up the mountpoint from restic.

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workarounds are of course good, but I’m curious to know if there are any plans for supporting this natively (which is way better)

I believe (though I could be wrong) that the current stance is that there are no plans, because as soon as one remote-source backend is implemented, more will be requested and soon restic will be more focused on reading from everything possible instead of being a good local-filesystem backup tool. It could also be seen as duplicated effort, as rclone largely solves this problem already.

Maybe this?!

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That’s it! Thanks for the link