Backup folder with error: read file: input/output error

Hi, I am running Restic to backup files from Remote File System mounted using rclone via SFTP.
The Restic version is 0.13.1.
I created shell script for the restic backup and set a cron job to run the shell script for schedule backup.
The shell script for the restic backup is as follow:

export RESTIC_PROGRESS_FPS=0.016666
echo 'repo_password' | sudo -u restic /home/restic/bin/restic -r $backup_repo_path --verbose backup $backup_item_path >> $output_txt_filename 2>&1
echo "The status code is : $?" >> $output_txt_filename
echo 'repo_password' | sudo -u restic /home/restic/bin/restic -r $backup_repo_path --verbose stats >> $output_txt_filename 2>&1
echo 'repo_password' | sudo -u restic /home/restic/bin/restic -r $backup_repo_path check --read-data-subset=100% >> $output_txt_filename 2>&1

Sometimes, the backup fails and the output of the backup process is as follow:

open repository
reading repository password from stdin
lock repository
load index files
using parent snapshot e071d03e
start scan on [/mnt/xx/xx]
start backup on [/mnt/xx/xx]
error: close /mnt/xx/xx/file_1: input/output error
error: read /mnt/xx/xx/file_2: input/output error 
scan finished in 8.670s: 5264 files, 957.187 MiB
Files:           0 new,     1 changed,  5261 unmodified
Dirs:            0 new,    12 changed,  1159 unmodified
Data Blobs:      1 new
Tree Blobs:     13 new
Added to the repo: 675.546 KiB
processed 5262 files, 956.569 MiB in 0:08 
snapshot 850cf350 saved
Warning: at least one source file could not be read
The status code is : 3
reading repository password from stdin
Stats in restore-size mode:
Snapshots processed:   46
   Total File Count:   295598
         Total Size:   41.746 GiB
using temporary cache in /tmp/restic-check-cache-2009601113
reading repository password from stdin
create exclusive lock for repository
load indexes
check all packs
check snapshots, trees and blobs
[0:02] 100.00%  46 / 46 snapshots
read 100.0% of data packs
[0:04] 100.00%  320 / 320 packs
no errors were found

I checked that there are update in file1 and file2 when the backup process is running when there is the above error.

Below is part of the rclone log.
For file1:

2023/03/30 15:05:09 ERROR : xx/file1: ReadFileHandle.Release error: corrupted on transfer: md5 hash differ "30055403a6f89d41b718fce759dd6e97" vs "97832c4f9773618d28526bab17f3c0ad"
2023/03/30 15:05:09 ERROR : IO error: corrupted on transfer: md5 hash differ "30055403a6f89d41b718fce759dd6e97" vs "97832c4f9773618d28526bab17f3c0ad"
2023/03/30 15:05:09 DEBUG : &{xx/file1 (r)}: >Release: err=corrupted on transfer: md5 hash differ "30055403a6f89d41b718fce759dd6e97" vs "97832c4f9773618d28526bab17f3c0ad"

For file2:

2023/03/30 15:05:09 DEBUG : xx/file_2: ChunkedReader.Read at 568350 length 4096 chunkOffset 565248 chunkSize 134217728
2023/03/30 15:05:09 ERROR : xx/file_2: ReadFileHandle.Read error: low level retry 1/10: EOF
2023/03/30 15:05:09 DEBUG : xx/file_2: from 565248 to 565248
2023/03/30 15:05:09 DEBUG : xx/file_2: ChunkedReader.RangeSeek from -1 to 565248 length -1
2023/03/30 15:05:09 DEBUG : xx/file_2: ChunkedReader.openRange at 565248 length 134217728

It keeps repeating the same DEBUG and ERROR log for low level retry 1/10 to low level retry 10/10.

Is the error caused by there is update in the files when the backup is running? Thanks.