Backup failed - Chance to get a part of data back?

Hi together,
last week a backup failed. It seems that the NAS shut down during backup execution. And on the weekend i got some problems on the source HDD and newest data is not in the latest snapshot yet.
When i made the “repo check” command i can see the message “6331 additional files in the repository”

Is there a command to get the “additional files” ? Maybe i can find a little bit of the lost data in there…

Thanks in advance and best regards !

You can try restic recover.


@alexweiss Thank you for your response ! After “recover” restore the new created object ? I will give it a try,

You’ll probably have to run restic rebuild-index first before recover will be able to find the already uploaded backup parts. For that I’d recommend to use restic 0.12.0 which is much faster