Backup dry-run actually does work

I am new to Restic, so after reading this: Backing up — restic 0.15.1 documentation I decided to first to a dry-run. However, according to this, it is incorrect.

This explains why it didn’t work. The documentation could do with some improvement!

What makes you think that restic backup does not have a --dry-run option? It has since version 0.13.0 which was released in March 26, 2022.

The forum post you link to that says restic backup does not have --dry-run is from 2019 and simply no longer accurate. The documentation is accurate.

Please make sure that you run the latest restic version which is 0.15.1, you can get it here: GitHub - restic/restic: Fast, secure, efficient backup program

oh my bad! I ran it earlier with --dry-run and got an error. When I ‘Googled’ it I found that forum post. No clue why it didn’t work for me earlier, but I just tried again and it’s working.

That is indeed very odd :slight_smile: I can only presume that you didn’t write the command properly or something. To know for sure, we’d need to look at the command and/or its output.

It has been a long day so I wouldn’t be surprised if I just typed it wrong. 2 failed hard drives and 1 SSD in the same week led me here. Thankfully I didn’t lose any data, but now I realized I really need an offsite backup to B2 and restic is amazing so far.

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